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menstrual cups sales
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1. Lunette model 1 Selene (blue). Used only once. Stem is trimmed until the last ring. Comes with the original pouch.

2. FemmyCycle low cervix. Used only once for trial. I am using the regular one so unfortunately, it doesn't come with the pouch but I have both the original package and the instruction sheet.

3. Lily Cup size A. Used for one cycle. Comes with the original pouch. Unfortunately, the stem is trimmed and there's no ring. (see pic)

All cups are $20 and shipping is free for Canada and US. If you are international, we will work out the shipping cost. I will sterilize the cup prior to shipping.

Payment by paypal only.

Message or comment if interested!

2nd-Sep-2015 07:09 pm - To sell: Small Ruby Cup

I have got the small Ruby Cup to sale. I used it only twice.

26,60 € includes worldwide shipping!

I don't like the stem of the Ruby, thats why I want to sell it and try to make someone else happy :)

Stem is still intact
2nd-Sep-2015 02:28 am - Lunette Violet size 2 for sale
Size 2 violet Lunette for sale. Used one cycle. Stem trimmed. Bag included. Cup sterilized. US only. $25 includes shipping. Preferred payment thru Google Wallet but can work around.
1st-Sep-2015 10:03 am - Selling brand new Organicup size A
$30 all in (including shipping and postage) /
£18(including shipping an postage)
Price slightly negotiable for U.K

Brand new unused,un-sterilised Organicup. size A with it's original cup pouch,box,sending package and instructions and 2 whole Milton sterilising tablets for for anyone who is interested in trying them or uses them.
You only need a quarter of one tablet per sterilising so two tablets will last 8 cycles.
Cup capacity is 25ml,diameter is 40mm and length including stem is 66mm, the instructions are pre-written on the box
Mantis Shrimp
I have a set of two Femmycycles for sale with all original packaging, including the box, storage bag, and instruction sheet. One cup has been used for two cycles, and sterilized. The other cup has never been used.

$35, free shipping if within the US. Payment by Paypal only.

Please message or comment if interested!
30th-Aug-2015 02:55 pm - FS: Large Lena with all accessories
I tried the Lena awhile ago after snapping the stem on my Si-Bell, but it's simply too short and too firm for me. It's about 70mm with stem and that's just not enough on my heavy days (apparently, I am weird and my cervix is higher at the beginning than at the end of my periods!) The firmness also creates suction that makes it difficult (for me) to remove. I've decided that for now the MamiCup is closest to my Goldilocks. However, if you have a lower cervix and are used to firm-ish cups, the Lena might be your Goldilocks!

It was worn on 2 dry runs and for 1 day of my period. It's already been sterilized and will come with the box, instructions, bag, etc.

I'd like $25 with free shipping to the USA. If you are international, contact me and we'll figure out shipping costs. PayPal preferred. No offers or trades please because Lena's CS told me they will simply let me return it and refund me if it doesn't work out for me. I just figured I would try to find it a new home first.

The cup itself is in pristine condition, though the box is a little beaten up (survived 2 moves within a couple weeks, and I think my BF might have dripped soap or something along the side of it). In order to keep shipping costs reasonable I will probably flatten the box in some way before packaging everything up.

Pictures under the cut!Collapse )
Hello everyone! I have a few cups for sale - some used once and some brand new. I have finally found my goldilocks and I would like to give these a new home. I will sterilize all used cup prior to shipping them. All prices include shipping to the United States. US sales only, please.

1. Ruby cup size medium in pink - $30. Brand new. Received as a gift and never used.

2. Blossom cup, size 2 in blue - $15. Brand new. Received as a gift and never used.

3. Femmycycle Regular - $30. Used once and it doesn't work for me. My sister and I bought the double pack on Amazon, and she kept the bag provided by the manufacturer, so it doesn't come with a storage bag ... sorry :(

4. Meluna XL Classic in Amethyst with Stem - $20. Tried for one day and it's a little too big for me. It will come in the Femininewear plastic pouch it came in.

5. Fleurcup size large in Red - $18. Used for one cycle. It will come in the plastic pouch I received it in.

6. Naturalmamma size large in green - $20. Tried on for one day. It will be shipped in a satin-like pink pouch.

26th-Aug-2015 08:03 pm - Eva cup, one Small available
Or $11.50 shipped a piece for pink, no instructions Purple Large, used less than 5 hours total. Pink, Small used for 1 hour total. Instructions only come with large.
25th-Aug-2015 11:49 pm - Meluna
Hey! I was looking for a small sport meluna, not a shorty. Preferably with the stem, for around $15. Please contact me. Thanks!
25th-Aug-2015 06:44 pm - On the hunt for Goldilocks
jae chibi
Hi everyone,

I'm looking to try a:
Lily Cup : either original size A, or compact size A or B
Lunette: Model 1 (preferably a coloured cup)

I'm looking for a longer cup with a smaller diameter than the ruby, so if you have one to suggest that would be really helpful.
Also from Australia if you don't mind shipping down under, to help a sister out :)

Thank you
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