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Hello all. I'm looking for a large Juju cup, and/or a large Sckoon cup. I'd prefer the Sckoon to be a coloured one, and for the cup(s) to be untrimmed/unmodified. I'm in the UK. Thanks
15th-Oct-2014 12:06 am - Sckoon
I have a small red Sckoon cup that I would like to trade for a large. Red, dark blue or light blue would be fine.
PM me if you would like me to Email you a pic.
12th-Oct-2014 08:23 pm - Mooncup UK size A
Hello I have a mooncup (UK) for sale including box and cloth bag, it has not been trimmed. Only used once for a dry run but it was not for me. £10 or nearest offer - I just don't want it to go to waste really so please negotiate if you are interested! I won't ask for postage costs to UK but if you are further afield I might ask for a contribution. Thanks!
11th-Oct-2014 12:11 am - For trade or sale
Purple medium meluna sport. Ball stem.
Looking to trade for: anything that isn't Meluna. Preferably cloth pads or a large cup but really anything. Just take it off my hands, it's not doing any good sitting in my underwear drawer. For sale: make offer.
Found new owner.

I have a MeLuna Mini for sale.
size: medium
stem: ball
firmness: soft
color: cyan
The cup is in great condition and only used a couple times. Unfortunately, it wasn't my goldilocks!

$12 includes shipping within the US.
4th-Oct-2014 04:09 pm - For trade: small and large Fleurcups
Hey all! Up for trade is a small violet fleurcup and a large green fleurcup. (It's sad how all their colors have disappeared, isn't it?) The small has never been used and the large has been tried on once during a dry run. Both stems are completely intact.

I'm looking for a Sckooncup. Large or small is fine, but I'm only looking for Balance (light blue- they call it lilac too). Maaaaaaybe Meditation is fine, but really Balance. (If I keep mentioning Balance I'll start thinking that this is an episode of Korra, lol.) I'll be honest, small would be better than large, but I'll take either for now. Used is fine, but I need at least half a stem.

Picture under the cut.Collapse )
3rd-Oct-2014 03:48 am - ISO Large blue Fleurcup
I know that this is like my millionth post this week but with 4 days off of work and my period 4 days away, there's nothing else in my life right now.

Pretty much my title says it all. I was looking for a stiffer alternative to my large Si-bell and found that Fleur used to make a blue that is discontinued. Is there any way of getting this cup today?

Hello, I'm back again to sell a few cups for defferent reasons. List down below. All price include shipping, US only, paypal please. All cups are never altered, everything intact, comes with original pouches and both diva cups come with diva pins.

 >Femmecup regular $20 (Never used and never tried, got the regular and the lite but I prefer the lite)

>Two large Diva cup, tried one for once, asking $24; the other one is brand new, never opened, asking $28, extra is to cover the shipping, but if you are willing to let go of the packaging then $24 it is. Poor BF accidentally ordered me two large model when I was asking him to order me one small model.

>MeLuna XL sport with ring stem, the new gold glitter one, never used or tried, $16. Got both the large and Xlarge but I prefer the large.

>Large Lady cup in green, previously called green meadow I believe, $30. Ordered the twin pack, hate to see this one sitting around.

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Bought a small Gaia cup, inserted it, but this cup is way too soft for me, and I can not get it to open. Stem is intact and it comes with the pouch. I'm asking $30 $25. I accept Paypal only. I also have a small clear Lunette, stem has been trimmed to a nub. I'm selling it for $15, Paypal only. I'm only shipping cups within U.S.
30th-Sep-2014 09:54 am - Femmycycle for sale!
VM - Camera Spy
Bought a femmycycle and tried it, but wasn't for me (so sad because I thought it would've been awesome).
Anyway, so I have it for sale!
$30 AUD (included shipping for Australia)

Happy to post elsewhere but would need to calculate postage separately.
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