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24th-May-2015 10:30 am - Selling: L and M soft Meluna cups
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Pictures of cups here - EEK so large the photos!Collapse )Two cups, each maybe used part of 2-3 cycles? I found them great starters but then preferred firmer cups.
L pink meluna with regular stem (untrimmed), freshly re-sterilized after sitting for probably a year in my cabinet. No odors. Comes with its storage bag. Asking $20 including shipping to US.
M sparkly meluna with ring stem (sparkles are silver, rest of cup is grey/lavendar colored). Asking $22 including shipping to US, all other info same as above. If you're interested but don't have the $20/$22, message me & maybe we can come up with a compromise.
20th-May-2015 09:43 pm - Diva Cup 2 for sale
Nearly new Diva Cup 2 for sale. I tried it out one time but it did not fit. The stem has been removed. $20. I will ship to the USA and cover shipping.

19th-May-2015 08:35 pm - ISO: Moon Cup UK (MCUK?)
I love my Lunette, but it is too big - thinking that the Moon Cup UK (46mm diameter 50mm length) would be a great fit. I've tried Melunas - but no matter what they leak. Someone finally told me that it might be the difference in material. Since the Moon Cup is silicone like the Lunette, I'm hoping for my Goldilocks cup. I'm in the US.

I HAVE: 1 Large Si-Bell Cup Clear & 1 Small Soft Yuuki - BOTH $30 EACH, $55 IF PURCHASED TOGETHER. PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE.





19th-May-2015 11:33 am - Purple Lunette Model 2 for sale
I bought this Lunette model 2 and wore it exactly twice - it's not the right size for me. As you can see, the stem has been trimmed. Otherwise, it is in perfect condition and has been sanitized. Comes with pouch. $25, plus shipping (depends on where I'm sending it to). Thanks!
18th-May-2015 11:26 pm - Diva Cup for sale
Hi all! Barely used Diva size 2. Menopause hit suddenly and the gift- receiver didn't end up needing it. :)

$20 plus a few dollars shipping depending on where you are.

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16th-May-2015 03:40 pm - pStyle for sale
This is not a cup, it's a small light plastic piece to help women to urinate while standing or traveling, because you don't have to touch toilet seats anymore. The manufacturer's site is

Tried it out, sterilized it.
Mine is clear/white (semi-transparent) color.
$7 plus $2.25 shipping. US only.
1 Small Classic Yuuki, 1 Small Soft Yuuki, and 1 Small/ Size B Before Childbirth Keeper Mooncup US

I have three cups for sale. All have been used for about 3 cycles. All of the stems have been trimmed. Only the Mooncup comes with a pouch.Cups are from a pet friendly home. All will be boiled and sanitized with a denture tablet before I send them. The Yuuki Cups are $17.00 each ppd to US only. The Mooncup is $25.00 ppd to US only. First photo is Classic Yuuki, second is Soft yuuki, and third is Mooncup US. Thanks!(Hope my pics aren't too large)

15th-May-2015 01:24 am - FemmyCycle Teen for sale or trade
Excellent condition, well sanitized. Not modified.

Clear with flexible ring (like all FemmyCycles).

US shipping only. Can ship within 1 day of payment. Tracking number provided.

Teen size costs more than the others. $29 obo.

Comes with the FemmyCycle carrying bag and instructions. I have the FemmyCycle box too, but I think it would make shipping cost $0.80 more so I prefer not to send it.

The only cup I want in trade is the small clear Sckoon. I would consider clothing and other stuff in trade.

I have bought and sold cups on here before.
Natural Mamma menstrual cup, clear, one size.
Original bag, a cup spot and a few Milton sterilising tablets.
Used a few times throughout a couple of cycles.
£12 all in
Meluna Classic menstrual cup, violet, small, ball stem.
Original bag, a cup spot and a few Milton sterilising tablets.
Used for one cycle.
£12 all in
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