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menstrual cups sales
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Only available so far in pharmacies in France. Transparent, glossy silicone.

Its unique feature is the "Moonpad", a bottom redesigned to be easier to pinch and release suction. Soft, "squishy" silicone. For comparison, softer than the large Fleur, similar to the Gaiacup.

Dimensions 47x52.

Paid €25, hoping for €20 incl. shipping to France. $30 incl. shipping to States or Canada. I can look into shipping elsewhere.

It is brand new and unopened.

I have 3 x Size B ( large ) Deluxe Moskito menstrual cup. 2 x pink, 1x transpanent white.
Also have 1x size A ( small ) Deluxe Moskito cup , transpanent white.

Im looking for £15 pounds each ( and £2.50 post UK )

I never used, never opened these cups. I kept one small pink as the size B is too large for me.

It comes with a gift box, pouch, small 5mg lube and a little brush.
Sizes : A : 40mm/45mm diameter

27th-Nov-2016 10:00 am - Femmy Cycle Low Cervix
I'm selling my Femmy Cycle for Low Cervix cup. Used for less than one day. I have bladder prolapse and my cervix is too low even for this cup so it just falls right out of me.

Asking $35 shipped within the US.
I am selling my Mooncup UK Size B (small/medium) which has only been used during three cycles. I have a sensitive bladder and need to use a very, very soft cup. Available through shipping from Sweden at a cost of 18€ (Euros).

Best regards,
Selling a Luv Ur Body Medium Red and Small Juju without a stem
Only used the Luv ur Body Medium twice. And the Small Juju is slightly stained as it has had more use.
Carrying pouches not included.
UK delivery only. I'm happy to sell separately or together. Message me for pictures. Looking for around £8 each plus shipping through Paypal.
21st-Nov-2016 09:53 pm - FemmyCycle Low Cervix Cup for Sale
FemmyCycle Low cervix for sale. Light use. Comes with original packaging.

$30, includes shipping, on PayPal.

This is a great Cup with a no spill design. Just to big for me.
Lunette size 2 in orange. Too big and too firm for me, so I'm selling it. Comes with box and carry pouch. Stem is fully intact. I can include pictures if anyone is interested.

21st-Nov-2016 04:47 pm - SOLD $10 FS Large Pink Sibell $10
Large pink Sibell for sale $10 Includes carrying pouch Free shipping within the US SOLD
15th-Nov-2016 01:36 pm - For sale: Femmy Cycle and Diva Cup
For sale:

Femmy Cycle Menstrual Cup - Model 2 (low cervix) $20

Diva Cup - Model 2 (post childbirth) + Diva Wash $12

Both only used for a few months. Will be sterilized before shipping. I will pay shipping to US.
I'd be glad to give these away, FREE, to anyone looking for a a small size cup that's in the continental USA.
I'd be happy to send elsewhere to anyone who can pay for shipping.
I have a small pink Fleurcup (stem trimmed off) & a small IrisCup.
Both will be sterilized before shipping and also come with cloth pouches.
Pictures under the cut.

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PM me with your address and which ONE you would like.
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