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menstrual cups sales
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29th-Sep-2016 02:11 am - DESTASH
Hello all, I have a number of cups I'm looking to destash. All are brand new in box.

OrganiCup - size A
Super Jennie - size 1, Teal
Lady Cup - size large, pink
Femmy Cycle - regular
Femmy Cycle - low cervix
Luv Ur Body - size small, blue/clear

Email me and make me an offer: Rachel.martin10@icloud.com

I have PayPal.
28th-Sep-2016 07:52 pm - Looking for cup
Looking for FemmyCycle regular or Lily cup A or Diva cup 1 asap.

Sterilized with natural products. Excellent condition. Ring intact. Cup only, no pouch.

$24 + $3 shipping and handling or make a trade offer.

In trade I'm not looking for a cup. Looking for giftcards or some other things.

Can only ship to US (50 states). I take PayPal and maybe some other methods.
I have bought and sold cups on here before. Send me a private message if interested.
19th-Sep-2016 02:04 pm - Sckoon Cup for sale
Hi all,
I've been reading on the forum for a while and it helped me a lot in choosing a cup and learning how to use it.
However, my first cup turned out to be much to big and I'd love to sell it on. It's barely used and bought only last month.
It's a size 2 (large) Sckoon Cup in red, with stem cut off.
I've used it only for half a cycle.
It will be boiled before sending and it comes in it's original pouch.

I'm looking for £15. Based in UK, UK postage included. If you're outside of UK postage will be on top.
13th-Sep-2016 01:45 pm - Femmycycles
Hi! I have all 3 Femmycycles, 1 teen, 1 regular, and 1 low cervix. I tried them out when not on my cycle but they dont fit me. Whichever one you buy will be boiled before shipping. 28 each + $3 shipping (USA) PM me if you are interested :) (I dont have Paypal)
5th-Sep-2016 02:13 pm - LENA cup small for sale
Used once, stem intact. Pouch unused. Going for USD16, excluding postage.

26th-Aug-2016 07:08 pm - Cups For Sale

Femmecup - bought second hand, never used, believe it was used by previous owner. Comes with pouch. Asking 15 ppd US.

Small green Cuplee with stem intact. Used no more than 5 times, if at all. Asking 16 ppd US.

I also have a few light pads/liners that I need to destash. Willing to sell individually, as a lot, or with one of the cups if anyone is interested.

Pictures on request- I don't have a smartphone and I can't find the old pictures I had taken.

23rd-Aug-2016 12:34 pm - Brand new, unused Femmycycle
Brand new, Femmycycle cup unused (open box) comes with storage bag and box if you want it. Selling for $40 CAN + shipping. I can ship with the most economic option Canada Post has.
22nd-Aug-2016 07:42 pm - 4 softcups $5 incl shipping
I'm selling 4 unused softcups for $5, US shipping included. They are in their wraps (see photo). I'm selling them because I'm happy with my menstrual cups and no longer need them, but it would be a pity to throw them away. I hope someone else is interested in trying these without having to buy a large pack.

18th-Aug-2016 01:23 am - MeLuna cup for sale - $15
I have a MeLuna classic cup, with a ball handle for sale. It is a size large and is purple. I tried using it once, but it wasn't quite right for me. I have had it for about 4 months, and it has the carrying bag and cleaning brush. I can make a copy of the instructions (I need to keep the original since my current cup is the same brand) and am asking $15 for it. I can ship within the US, and have a PayPal account.
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