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menstrual cups sales
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Selling Small Soft Yuuki with infuser cup. Stem has been cut off. Used a few cycles and realized I need a large cup.

Paypal works for me!
SOLD $23 This large teal Super Jennie has only been taken out of the box to look at. NEVER been used. Comes with storage pouch and original box. FREE US shipping (Can ship internationally if buyer pays extra for shipping) Pictures available upon request. Can ship out tomorrow!
10th-Jul-2016 07:19 pm - S/L Lena and Diva Model 1 for sale
I thought the Lena would be my goldilocks cup, but sadly it's not the case :(, so it's got to go.

I am selling one small and one large Lena in the original pink. The large has not been used; the pink one is tested on one cycle and the stem trimmed to a little under 1 cm, approximately. Each comes with a pretty pouch and each is $20, including shipping.

I am also selling a Model 1 Diva cup w/pouch for $20, but if you are interested in purchasing it with a Lena cup we could work out a deal :)

Thanks for reading!

MeLuna Classic Black Small (stem removed)

Will be washed and sanitized. Comes with bag.

$15 via PayPal
NIB Super Jennie Small - Teal.

Hello, I have a brand new Super Jennie size 1 (SMALL) in Teal in its sealed box.

Super Jennie: I'm asking $26.00, shipping included within continental US.
Check out SuperJennie.com.

I have PayPal.
If you're interested email me at: rachel.martin10@icloud.com

7th-Jul-2016 01:32 pm - Diva Cup Model 1
Hello, I am selling a Diva Cup, Model 1, in excellent condition with the pouch. The stem has been trimmed to about 1 cm or a bit less. Asking $20 USD including shipping (worldwide).

Thank you!
6th-Jul-2016 08:02 pm - Small, Super Jennie for sale
SOLD -Like New - Used once for testing but did not work. Boiled and sterilized
-Stem intact
-Comes with pouch and Super Jennie box

-$23 via pay pal (includes shipping for US)
See images below

6th-Jul-2016 04:31 pm - NEW Diva cup & Belle Cup
-NEW, unused: Diva cup size 1. Asking $20. Out of the box, but includes instructions and pin.

-Rare Belle cup (one size) Asking $10. See link for info about the cup. https://menstrualcups.wordpress.com/2015/01/23/belle-cup/
4th-Jul-2016 09:21 pm - Clear Lunette size 2
I have a size 2 clear Lunette for sale - $25 shipped. It was never actually used...attempted to use but found the silicone to be too stiff for me. Not modified, includes blue satin bag. Will sterilize again prior to shipment.
Blue Lunette Model 1 for sale at $25 (US postage included, may need to adjust if shipping internationally). Used only once and will sterilize before shipping. Stem has been removed. Comes with original blue pouch. Happy to answer any questions!
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