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menstrual cups sales
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28th-Apr-2016 01:01 pm - Size 1 Diva Cup!

I have for sale a Size 1 Diva Cup with about 1 cm stem, and pouch! Looking to sell for $25 US. Shipping from Canada for $2 extra worldwide.

Let me know if you're interested!

Also looking for recommendations for a not-too-soft cup recommended for dangly cervix.
$15 -Gently used-Small Lunette Diana-includes, box, instructions, and an almost full bottle of Lunette cup wash. I've misplaced the carrying

pouch but I'd be glad to send it separately at a later date if I find it. PM me if interested! Free US shipping

Can ship out ASAP!
28th-Apr-2016 12:39 am - For Sale: Low-Cervix FemmyCycle
Used but excellent shape. Sterilized with natural products.

Ring intact. Cup only, no pouch.

Can only ship to US (50 states).

$26 + $3 shipping and handling. (First class shipping with tracking costs $2.60.)

I have bought and sold cups on here before. Send me a private message if interested.
20th-Apr-2016 11:29 am - MeLuna Sport XL, purple
I have a purple MeLuna XL cup for sale, in "sport" firmness, with "ball" stem (see pictures). I only used it once, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Price is $15 including shipping (US only). I have sterilized it by boiling it in water and will sterilize it again before I ship it out.

I am also open to trading it for another cup, such as a MeLuna M sport (normal/shorty), large LUB, a size B Organicup, or a size 2 (large) Yuuki cup.

19th-Apr-2016 08:20 pm - Me Luna Small Soft Cup FOR SALE
Would anyone in the UK be interested in buying my Me Luna Small Soft Cup with stem still intact?
It's has only been on a dry-run and would be sterilised, with original pouch and instructions included.

Make me an offer :-)
17th-Apr-2016 10:39 am - DESPERATE! Lunette Model 2 wanted!
Hey All!

I'm looking for a Lunette model 2. Stem or not :)

If you're selling please let me know! (prairiegirl-211@hotmail.com)

I'm getting the Diva Cup but I want to try the Lunette. (Thoughts or opinions?)

Cheapest I saw online was $35 USD. I'm looking for a little cheaper if possible.

Bought from Precious Stars! Great deal!
Hey all!
I recently bought the Large Si-bell (pink!) because I needed a softer cup. Let's just say it was a little to soft for me. Didn't even "use" it because it wouldn't open.

I'm looking to trade my si-bell with a Diva 2 or a Lunette 2. Si-bell stem is still intact. No bag included because I bought the Eco version so it didn't come with one :)

Also, if you have any opinions on which (Diva or Lunette) has a softer rim, large capacity but still good suction (similar to Yuuki which is what I use) that would be great! Love my Yuuki but the rim is a little painful coming out; Thus my reasons to try out Lunette or Diva.

So again! Looking to trade my Si-bell with a Lunette 2 or a Diva 2.

Please email direct :)
prairiegirl-211@hotmail.com, thank you!


$8 - Large purple Eva Cup-gently used-stem removed includes carrying pouch-$8 free shipping to US!

Purple no name cup size large-stem intact-just tried on a dry run no carrying pouch-FREE with purchase of the above cup!

I accept Paypal and can ship out right away!!

This photo is of the large medium firmness Yuuki clear silicone menstrual cup. Used once. Four suction release holes. Hollow stem intact. Comes with a green infuser box and instruction manual. $20.
7th-Apr-2016 05:53 pm - Lunette Model 1 for Sale
I'm selling my model 1 Lunette (violet) with an untrimmed stem for $35 free shipping (if in the US, extra $5 if in Canada). Used it for one day, but it's just too big for me to use. Will come sterilized via boiling in its original product box with the pouch and instructions.
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