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menstrual cups sales
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Only used once for 2 hours Meluna Shorty L Classic (Ball stem)

Will sterilize by boiling before sending

Comes with originial pouch and instruction manual (manual only if I can find it)

Selling for 15 USD incl. of intl. shipping. (I'm located in Singapore)

At this point I'm just desperate to get it to someone else who may use it as it's just taking up space in my drawer!
Really wanted to like it due to its shorter height but it's way too soft and I personally didn't like the TPE.

On another note, if anyone has a Super Jennie S or a Large Lena/Lunette for sale, please let me know! I'm trying to find a cup which gives me longer time in between changes despite a dangly cervix. 
Size 1 Lunette Menstrual Cup, colour: Cynthia light blue

Used once, unfortunately not my size. Sterlized, comes with original pouch. Shipping from the UK. Will ship worldwide.

$30 including worldwide shipping. Less if shipping within the UK.

Hey there Everyone,

As the title states I'm selling 2 regular femmycycle menstrual cups that have been only used for one cycle. Both cups are identical, and hold up to 30mL which was the main reason why I turned to them. Unfortunately, I'm on the petite side and they weren't a great fit for me. Currently I've been using my old school diva cup and would like to find a home for these great cups. Both cups have been sanitized and will be boiled before shipping.

Femmycycle Manual:

-Asking for $30 for both cups with carrying pouch and free shipping (without original cardboard packaging)


-Trade in for a Lily compact cup size A

Hi All!

All cups in this collection have been lovingly cared for and sterilized before sale.

Included are 6 cups and 5 carry bags.
All bags can hold 2 cups with the natural fiber bag holding up to 4!

Cups included are:
1 Smart Cup, medium/large
1 Diva Cup, size 1 small
3 Sckoon cups, size 1 small
1 Sckoon cup, size 2 large

*Special Notes: The small red Sckoon cup has had the first two nubs trimmed off.
The large red Sckoon cup has a blue occlusion (which I have included a photo of).
The surface is smooth. It is a manufacture blemish that causes no interference with the performance of this cup.


Cup Collection with Bags

Smart Cup, Medium/Large

Diva Cup, Small Size 1

2 Sckoon Cups, Small Size 1

Sckoon Cup Red, Small Size 1 (2 nubs trimmed)

Sckoon Cup Red, Large Size 2 (blue blemish)

All are in excellent condition.
$100 inlcudes all 6 cups, 5 bags and shipping, if sending within the continental US.
I can send outside that area/internationally with additional fees.

Send me a private message if interested!

8th-May-2016 03:13 pm - Wanted: LUB Large
I'm looking for a Luv Ur Body cup large. I live in the US.
6th-May-2016 10:35 pm - Diva Model 1 & Yuuki Small for sale!
Hey there! For sale I have:

Yuuki (small, soft): $17 US

Diva (model 1, with pouch): $24 US

Both are in great condition and prices include shipping worldwide. Both stems have been trimmed but have about 0.5-1cm remaining.

I am also looking to trade for a Lenacup (preferably new; Amazon doesn't ship it to Canada!)
Thank you :)
$5 Gently Used small Diva Cup full stem Free US shipping! No pouch.
$5 Gently Used large purple Eva cup-stem removed-Free US shipping! No pouch.
Can Ship out ASAP!
$15 -Gently used-Small Lunette Diana-includes, box, instructions, and an almost full bottle of Lunette cup wash. Comes with a pouch but not original pouch. PM me if interested! Free US shipping

Can ship out ASAP!
28th-Apr-2016 12:39 am - For Sale: Low-Cervix FemmyCycle
Used but excellent shape. Sterilized with natural products.

Ring intact. Cup only, no pouch.

Can only ship to US (50 states).

$26 + $3 shipping and handling. (First class shipping with tracking costs $2.60.)

I have bought and sold cups on here before. Send me a private message if interested.
20th-Apr-2016 11:29 am - MeLuna Sport XL, purple
I have a purple MeLuna XL cup for sale, in "sport" firmness, with "ball" stem (see pictures). I only used it once, but unfortunately it didn't work for me. Price is $15 including shipping (US only). I have sterilized it by boiling it in water and will sterilize it again before I ship it out.

I am also open to trading it for another cup, such as a MeLuna M sport (normal/shorty), large LUB, a size B Organicup, or a size 2 (large) Yuuki cup.

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