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Attempting to sell as a lot, so offering a full lot discount at bottom of page. If an acceptable offer is not made within a week or so, I may try to sell individually. Please see pictures for condition, some are in better condition than others, but all have a lot of life in them. Length is listed in inches as it was orginally purchased. There may be some shrinkage, but note ruler in photograph for size idea. Extra discounts reflect extra wear. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!!

Unused Large Fleurcup: As soon as I got it in the mail, I cut the stem off, because I know I don't like stems. However, the small size I also got was pushing it size-wise, so I didn't even try the Large. Has been boiled after receiving, but has not been used. Asking $6. SOLD

I love Minkies!! So soft, easy to wash out, and comfy!
From Pink Lemonade Shop on Etsy
13 Inch Blue and Brown Floral Minky Post Partum/Overnight Pad with Fleece Back (Spent $15, asking $7) SOLD
13 Inch Pink Owls Minky Post Partum/Overnight Pad with Fleece Back (Spent $15, asking $7) SOLD
9 Inch Purple Foral Minky Cloth Pad with Fleece Back (Spent $10.25, asking $5)

Caroline's Creations on Etsy
(2) 12 Inch Monkey Theme Cotton Top Pad with Flannel Back (Spent $8 each, asking $3 each) SOLD
16 Inch Pink Bird House Theme Cotton Top Pad with Flannel Back (Spent $8, asking $4) SOLD

Popples on Etsy
9 inch Pink and Orange Circle Dot Cotton Top Pad with Fleece Back (Spent $6.75, asking $3)

Party in My Pants: All very thin, surprisingly absorbant cotton pads back with leak-proof nylon.They are pricey, but wonderful pads! Probably my favorite of the bunch.
(2) 9.5 Inch long Cotton "Luxe Liner" (light days) (Spent $10, asking $4 each)

(3) 10 Inch Long Cotton "Medium Pad" (moderate flow) (Spent $13, asking $7 each) SOLD

12.25 inch long Cotton "overnight pad) (Heavy Flow) (Spent $14, asking $7) SOLD
10.5 Inch Long Cotton "Large Pad" (Moderate to Heavy flow) (Spent $13, asking $6) SOLD

Total discounted lot asking price with full lot purchase: $65
Free domestic USPS shipping with tracking with lot purchase or with minimum purchase of $20. I'll be shipping from Missouri within 1 business day of Paypal payment clearing. Message me for my paypal account.
15th-Dec-2014 08:00 pm - Post your testimonial and get 10% OFF

I have been away from the Forum for a while. I've been busy working hard on gathering informations and offering more cups that keeps on coming out, it's great!! Make sure to visit for more resources about cups.

Christmas is coming and I'm offering 10% off on all cups if you could post a little testimonial on this page:

PS: Silly pic shot last week with my best friend :-) Im the one on the left.

12th-Dec-2014 01:02 pm - Wanted: Meluna shorty L
I am looking for a Meluna shorty L cup, I know they just came out, wondering if someone has one that didnt work for them.
Hello all, here is what I have for sale....

Meluna classic size small, ring, color violet never used, comes with storage bag, new in box, Cortega disinfectant tabs and disinfectant case with brushes... 40.00 or best offer

MeLuna classic Medium, used once, ring, color red with storage bag 30.00 or best offer

Diva cup model 2, never used, in box, opened, carry case and diva Pin 25.00 or best offer

Diva cup model 1 with bag, used once 18.00 plus shipping or best offer.

Femmycycle, teen size, used once, 25.00

SOLD SOLD Femmycycle, low cervix, used once, storage case, no box 28.00 SOLD SOLD

Will ship anywhere in the US and PR
Please email me at for shipping estimates
PayPal only
Pics available at request
Pics will be emailed before purchase
Serious inquiries only.
Hey folks! I have this Diva Cup model 1 for sale for $18, which includes shipping in the US and Canada! It was the first menstrual cup I bought at a health food store for around $40, and as you can see, I cut off and filed down the stem completely. Alas, it was never meant to be. It's still too long for me, but I only used it for a few days during two cycles before I *gasp* reverted back to disposables. Do not worry, kind readers, for now I am happily using a Si-Bell on a monthly basis. I digress. I've sterilized it by boiling, and there is only the slightest discolouration on it. I kept the pouch, as well as the cute little "Diva" pin. Both will be included :)

I would also consider swapping it for a small or medium classic firmness MeLuna, a small Lunette, or potentially a small Ladycup!

holger badstuber
Hey, I'm selling a small red Fleurcup. The cup has never been used, but has been sterilised in boiling water.

I bought this because I wanted something softer than my Yuuki, but as it happens they're about the same firmness, so I have no real use for this.

£9.50 including postage. UK only to keep postage cost down.

PicturesCollapse )

Comment or message me if you're interested :)
1st-Dec-2014 05:17 pm - WTB - Lg Miacup
double meluna
Does anyone have a large miacup they'd like to part with? Finally sold my spare Iris cup, so I can afford about $20. Thanks!
1st-Dec-2014 03:54 pm - Small Meluna Classic For Sale
EDIT: Im editing the price from $22 to $20.

I'm selling my small classic green meluna with a ball stem for $22 shipping included.
29th-Nov-2014 02:18 pm - MeLuna Medium for sale
Hi everyone! I am selling my Meluna Classic Medium (ball stem, transparant, purple pouch included). I only used it on a couple of dry runs, but this cup is not for me (too short for my high cervix, rookie mistake). I would like to have EUR 15 for it (which includes shipping to any country in Europe or the US) or trade it for a large Yuuki (Economic) or Lily Cup (I am in Europe). I have PayPal. If you're interested, please let me know :-)
28th-Nov-2014 12:46 am - Looking to trade
I've been using a Diva Cup for about 10 years, and when it was time to buy a new one I decided to go with a Meluna XL with a ring stem. I've used it twice (within 2 cycles) and it just isn't working for me, I have a really hard time getting it to pop open and I never had that problem with the Diva Cup.

I want to trade my Meluna XL for anything with a similar capacity (I have to change my Diva every 3-4 hours for the first 2 days of my period). I really don't care brand/colors/etc., just as long as it's an even trade. I didn't even know there was anything other than the Diva cup for the past 10 years so I just want to try something new!

Here's the link to what I have (in the XL):!/Classic-Ball-Clear-Regular/p/38166928/category=7122492

TL;DR: I'm trading my barely used Meluna XL (clear, the US version, with a ring stem) for anything with a similar capacity. If yours has a bag, I'll ship with the bag. Otherwise I'd like to keep it. Prefer to ship in the US.
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