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27th-Jun-2016 02:14 pm - Lily cup size A (small)
Hello, I have a Lily cup size A for sale. I'm asking 25$ including shipping but it is negotiable. I have never used it, tried to put in while I was the shower but that's it! Stem is still there, comes with original pouch. I have paypal.

Please text me if you are interested, I probably won't be checking notifications on here. 550-309-9496 US only please.
25th-Jun-2016 11:50 pm - NIB FemmyCycle Teen
Hello, I have a brand new TEEN FemmyCycle that is new in a sealed box.
I'm asking $35.00, shipping included within continental US.

For more information on this wonderful, innovative cup please check out FemmyCycle.com.

I have PayPal.
If you're interested email me at: rachel.martin10@icloud.com

Hi, this was bought as a gift but the friend just finished menopause unbeknownst to me.

Brand new in the box. 30 ml size ("Hi'iaka" model)

This cup just hit the market in France and is very pretty in extremely transparent, soft silicone.

It has no stem, and a redesigned bottom to help remove suction more easily. So this is large capacity for lower cervixes. 46 diameter by 51.5 long.

My test with my personal Luneale (not the one for sale) showed it held as much to the holes as the large Fleurcup does to the rim.

Bought it for 24 euros so hoping for $30 Canadian or best offer.

Available for pick-up in Ottawa region until July 6, no shipping. Alternatively I will be in the Cobourg region June 30-July 3.
I have two cups that I had tried before finding my perfect fit: the new version of the Lily Cup Size A (2 spines) and a large Me Luna soft with ball stem (glitter version). I tried the Lily cup for 2-3 days, and the Me Luna was inserted only once. Both include the original bag, stems intact. They were boiled after use and will be boiled again before shipping out. The will be shipped from Missouri.

MeLuna Soft large glitter cup with ball stem: $12 including shipping in the continental US
Lily Cup Size A: $28 dollars including shipping in the continental US

P.S. I have posted here before and not received email notifications with replies (sorry to those who never heard back from me!). I tried to fix this, but just in case, feel free to send me an email at janelle.lee.martinez@gmail.com
17th-Jun-2016 06:53 pm - MeLuna Shorty Classic Ball Stem
This was only used for one cycle, it is just too small. It will be boiled and wrapped up and includes bag. $12 shipped in the US, PayPal only please.

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I'm ready to ship a brand new, unused Lunette for $30. I have PayPal, and the cup is ready to go. :)

I accidentally bought the wrong cup! Instead of my usual Fleurcup, I bought the Model 1 Purple Lunette. Don't ask me how I made such a ridiculous mistake, but the evidence is sitting in its brand new box. The only thing that isn't perfect is that I opened the box to look at the cup—at which point I realized my mistake.
14th-Jun-2016 06:47 pm - Diva and Yuuki for sale

I am looking to try a Lena Cup! So I'm trying to sell these cups.

I am selling a Diva cup model 1 ($20 USD) and a small Yuuki soft cup ($15 USD). Depending on where you are located shipping would probably be $1-$3. And we could negotiate a price if you are interested in both cups. The stems have been trimmed, to about 0.5-1 cm and they are in good condition.

I would also trade the Diva for a small Lena cup!

If you would like pictures let me know :)

9th-Jun-2016 01:34 pm - 2 small cups for sale

I have two one gently used cups for sale:

Small green cuplee with stem intact. I can't honestly remember how many times this cup has been used; it's possible that it hasn't used at all, but I think it's possible I tried it 2-3 times. Asking 16 ppd to US.

Small red Sckooncup with stem intact. Gently used from previous owner (I have not used it at all). Asking 23 ppd to US.

Pictures in comment replies.

7th-Jun-2016 06:18 pm - ISO Super Jennie, LUB

ISO Large Blue Super Jennie, or, Large or Medium LUB preferably not red. Postage to Australia.

This is a gently used cup, stem removed.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

$15 via PayPal or Mercari
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