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menstrual cups sales
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19th-Apr-2017 10:39 pm - ISO Reusable Softcups
Hi! I'm searching for reusable Softcups (green box). Any help in tracking down a pack that doesn't cost $30 a box would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you!!
16th-Apr-2017 03:10 am - Lily Cup Compact, Size A
I'm selling my Lily Cup Compact, Size A.

  • Condition: Used, one time for about 6 hours (quickly realized I needed a longer cup lol)

  • Includes box, information phamplet, protective case, and the Lily Cup

  • Retail $39.99, asking $30 (includes shipping within the US), however open to offers just send a message

  • I'm happy to ship International, just let me know so I can get the correct shipping cost

  • Has been boiled and sanitized

  • Any other questions feel free to send me a message here

I'm not open to trades as I have already found a cup that is working for me.
13th-Apr-2017 01:37 pm - Destash - new and used cups
Hello all.

I'm selling multiple cups.

1 Large Pink Lena Cup
1 Small Red Sckoon Cup

1 Small Purple Lena Cup
1 Teen Femmy Cycle Cup
1 Small Blue Luv Ur Body Cup
1 Large Pink Lady Cup

Email me for prices: Rachel.martin10@outlook.com

I will only ship within the US, it's too expensive for you and I to ship internationally.
12th-Apr-2017 07:07 pm - Large Si-Bell (Pink) - $8
Bought in May '14 and used it for probably ~7 cycles. The stem is cut halfway.

It's still in really good condition. I haven't used it in over a year and it would bother me to throw it away.

$8, free shipping. U.S. only.

Will sanitize cup and wash bag before sending.

Thanks. :)

Edit: Forgot to add, the cup isn't stained. It's been soaked in hydrogen peroxide a few times in the past.

9th-Apr-2017 12:02 pm - Eva cup (Size 1) - $10
I have an Eva cup in green for sale for $10 to anywhere in the US. Comes with cute little cloth bag and instructional pamphlet. Only used once and purchased a month ago. I unfortunately couldn't get the hang of it so I'd like it to go to someone who will love it. Let me know if you have any questions. I'll accept payment via Paypal or Venmo :)

7th-Apr-2017 10:54 am - **SOLD**: Instead Softcups
where is it
I have 4 Instead softcups left over from a box I bought before getting a Mirena (and no longer needing cups).
$2 each, or $5 for all 4.
Shipping to US only. Prices include shipping within the US.

Please PM if interested. Thanks!

Si-Bell (large)- few time used- $20+shipping

She cup brand new-$10+Shipping

Price: FREE + shipping

Hi there, I have this mooncup UK that I don't use, nothing at all wrong with it I just don't prefer this cup. I used it only a couple days and I'd like it not to be wasted - so I hope someone out there might need it. It's the smaller size of the two and I did cut the stem off of this one. I don't want anything for it, just for it to go to good use. I only ask you pay for postage.

Take care


Selling Diva Cup, Model 1. I purchased this at Walgreens for $42 - including tax it was about $46, yikes! Selling this for $10 with free shipping within the US. Please message me for international shipping charges. I accept payment through Paypal.

Tried once, like new condition with stem intact/uncut. I have sterilized the cup. I will also send you the box with instructions inside, and the brand new pouch.

Any questions please feel free to contact me! If you would like to purchase this please comment or message me with your paypal email address, and I will send you the invoice, thanks! :)


I would like to sell my Sckoon cup size 2. It has been used one day and unfortunately did not work out.
The cup will be sterilized and the bag washed before sending.

Original Pouch Included

Retail 38.99

Asking Price $20.00 Including Shipping U.S only

Please contact me for details.

Thank you

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