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menstrual cups sales
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small plastic pumpkins
DivaCup, Size 1 - Worn a couple of times. Stem has been trimmed.
FemmeCup (only one size) - Worn a few times. Stem has been trimmed. I lost the bag for it but I have a backup bag that I'll send along with it.
Lena, Size 2 - Worn once

All of the cups have been sterilized and I will sterilize them again before shipping them out. Each one costs $15 within the US.

18th-Feb-2017 09:40 am - Want to buy
Does anyone have a black sckoon pouch (no cup) that you're willing to give up for purchase? I've been on the hunt for one forever! I also have a large lunette with no stem I would be willing to trade (see previous post). Thanks for checking!

(pic of what I'm looking for :) )
12th-Feb-2017 05:14 pm - Lunette, size 1 and/or 2
I have two Lunettes for sale (pictured below)
size 1, clear, stem trimmed off (update: sold)
size 2, clear, stem trimmed off (still available!!)

These cups served me well, but I found another cup I love even more and they deserve more love and use! They've been sterilized and I will sterilize them again just before shipping.

I'm asking for $10 each, which includes shipping in the continental US. I'll accept paypal. Thanks for looking!

Hello All!
I'm looking to sell my size S Lena Cup $19 (Shipping Included) US only. I purchased this item as a small & large set but I'm keeping the large. I have the box(it says small & large but obviously only the small will be sent), pouch, and instructions that I'll include.

It's been through a dry-run and the first couple days of my very light cycle. I'm looking to sell it because I prefer the larger size.

The cup has been cleaned, soaked hydrogen peroxide, and will be boiled once more before shipping out. If you have any questions or would like to see more photos feel free to contact me! I'd like to do the sale through PayPal, so just let me know if interested and I will send the invoice.

I'm selling a large LUB cup for $15 including shipping (US only, PM me for international shipping I'd need to check shipping costs first). I used it once but the medium ended up a better fit for me. The cup comes in its original packaging and includes the original LUB cloth bag. I sterilized it by boiling it for 10 minutes and will do it again before shipping.
7th-Feb-2017 12:37 pm - Diva Cup $25
Hello! I have a Size 1 diva cup for sale for $25 dollars. It will come with the bag and a silicone collapsible case.
It's maybe 10 minutes used and sterilized.
I'm selling/giving away my Diva Cup Model 1, stem trimmed to about 1 cm. Comes with pouch!

Holla at me if you want it.

Or we can trade!
I love Me Luna but it took me a few tries to get the right fit, and I ended up with several extra cups that I'm hoping to sell. The cups were used tried a couple times each, between last April - May (so it's been a very long time since they were last used) and have been sterilized. They also come with the original Me Luna pouches.

I'm asking $15 each (includes first class shipping within the US). If you need shipping somewhere else, please talk to me.

These are the specifics on the cups that I have:

Me Luna L Classic w/ring, orange

Dimensions: greatest diameter 44mm, length 51mm without grip.
Volume: 34ml to the brim, 24ml to the holes.

Me Luna L Soft w/ring, cyan

Dimensions: greatest diameter 44mm, length 51mm without grip.
Volume: 34ml to the brim, 24ml to the holes.

Me Luna Shorty M Soft w/ring, pink

Dimensions: greatest diameter 41mm, length 38mm without grip.
Volume: 18ml to the brim, 10ml to the holes.
I've got a purple Lunette Model 2 for sale. Removed the stem completely but the cup is still too long for me. I only used it once, and sterilized in Milton's Sterilising Fluid.

Free shipping anywhere for a £15 Amazon.co.uk gift voucher. Original pouch included!
I'll be checking DM but the quickest way to reach me is via Twitter messages @zigzag_girl.
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21st-Jan-2017 08:32 am - SOLD-Lunette Model 2 blue $20
I have a blue lunette model 2 for sale. It will come with original bag. Used on dry run. Cup is too long for me. Full length stem is still attached. $20 including free shipping to continental US.
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