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menstrual cups sales
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13th-Feb-2016 11:46 am - Brand new Diva Cup model 2
Hi, I have a brand new (packaging in tact/sealed/never opened) model 2 Diva Cup to sell. Please direct message me or comment below. I'm in Australia and selling it for around $25 AUD plus postage.
Lunette Cup Blue - Model 2
$15 with free shipping in continental US
Includes an almost full bottle of Wonderwash, bag, and instructions

Purchased in 2010 and used for three years until menopause arrived. Clean, but cup is slightly discolored from use. The stem has not been trimmed.

Will accept PayPal payment.

Hi everyone! I wanna try out a Si-bell cup because I hear it's pretty soft and I've a sensitive bladder (currently using a soft MeLuna), but they aren't sold locally. So if anyone has their small Si-bell on sale, and is able/willing to ship to the Philippines, please let me know!
30th-Jan-2016 12:32 pm - Large Lady Cup for sale
I have a purple lady cup size large for sale. Used twice, I just prefer my lunette and find myself using it exclusively. Stem has been cut off completely, It has been boiled. I will include the little storage bag and a couple of the Milton tabs. Asking $15.00 + shipping ($6.80 in the US)
29th-Jan-2016 11:00 am - FemmyCycle for $25
Hello community! I would like to offer a regular-sized FemmyCycle for sale. I attempted to use it twice, for just a few minutes each time, and found that it is too short for my high cervix. The cup has been boiled twice since use (I bought it to use while out of the country and boiled it again upon returning to the U.S. for good measure). I purchased the cup for $40 on Amazon and am asking for $25 plus shipping to your location (probably just a few dollars, as the packaging is very light). It comes with a cloth pouch and box with instructions.
27th-Jan-2016 10:59 am(no subject)

I have a large OrganiCup stem removed and filed cup never used though. Im asking $20.00 for it.

Also, I have the older model 2 Lunette Cynthia no stem, that I need to get rid of as I have the newer one, this was used a few times. Asking $20.00

Both will be sterlized in my microwavable cup sterlizer prior to shipment.

Please send payments to:
Paypal: alynng2008@gmail.com

24th-Jan-2016 11:41 am - Lily Cup Compact For Sale

  • This is a Lily Compact size A, light pink with hot pink case in excellent condition.

  • I have only dry run the cup, not a good fit for me.

  • Cup has been boiled and sterilized by the milton tablet. Please also clean the cup before your first use for extra hygiene.

  • Stem is still intact and uncut.

  • $34 shipping included within the US only, please contact me for an accurate shipping fee if you live outside the US.

Photos of the cup >> http://imgur.com/a/f9ENY

Cup has been sold!
I'm very desperate to sell my small Mooncup and large Fleur to afford another cup :( I tried to like them but they just doesn't work. Worn for two dry runs and boiled. Stem was slightly trimmed.

Images here





Excuse the fuzz on the pics. The cups will be boiled again and fuzz-free before shipping

Update: I've gotten a diva and sold the mooncup. The fleur is still for sale though
20th-Jan-2016 04:09 pm - Looking for a Luv ur body M
Hi girls, I'm looking for a medium size Luv ur body cup, necessarily full stem, preferably clear color. If you have one which you can part with, I would love to give it a new home. I'm in Mexico, so I will appreciate if you send me a message or PM with your price and shipping costs. Thank's a lot, have a nice day! :)
So at this point, I just want to give this cup a good home. I'm not using it and it's just sitting in my drawer not being used and I hate seeing a good cup go to waste. Instead of just throwing it in the garbage (which is actually what I was going to do!) I would rather give it to someone. If anyone wants it, they're welcome to it. If you could just cover shipping costs ($5 in the US, a bit more if you're international) then I'm happy to give you the cup for free. I use Paypal.

My post in this comm where I wanted to sell the Meluna is HERE. The link has pics and more detail on it. The cup is like new, as I only very briefly used it. It doesn't come with the small brush (I lost that) but it does come with the original pouch. I just can't use this cup because I find the suction too difficult, even as an experienced cup user but maybe someone else might have better luck with it and can use it!

I'd rather someone give it a good home than to just throw it away. Let me know if you're interested and I'll give you my Paypal e-mail to cover the shipping cost.

UPDATE: Cup is still available if anyone wants it.

UPDATE: Cup has found a home! Thanks everyone!
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