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26th-Jul-2017 03:08 pm - Meluna Shorty Large
Hi, posting again because I have a new cup available and editing the old post was getting really confusing. I have a Meluna Shorty Large (Classic softness). Alas, this cup is apparently too long for my extremely low cervix-- as a result I haven't used it at all besides trying it on.

I would like to sell it for $15, including U.S. shipping. If you are not from the U.S., you can email me and we can discuss prices and shipping. Please email me if interested (cindyh.jiao@gmail.com).

Creature from the Black Lagoon!
I'm selling a brand new FemmyCycle Low Cervix cup in the original box for $25 including shipping in the continental US (sorry, I can't ship internationally).

The cup is brand new and never used or tried.  I actually bought the low cervix version from amazon and returned it because it didn't work for me.  I decided to order the regular size, but amazon only had a two pack of the regular and low cervix one, so I'm selling the low cervix version that I don't need.  It comes in the original box with the instructions, it just won't have the cloth bag it comes with since I'm using it.

I've never sold on here, but I have a feedback page here on my journal (I haven't sold anything in ages, so it's from a while ago, but I promise, I'm still as trustworthy!): http://arylkin.livejournal.com/tag/feedback%20page

If you're interested, leave a comment and I'll send you my paypal address.  :)
19th-Jul-2017 03:37 pm - Used Sckoon Large $17 USD
Used Sckoon Large $17 USD shipping is included if you're in the US but anywhere else it will cost extra. I can also trade it for a Meluna shorty XL soft. email me and I can send a picture, I cant get it upload here.
also I reply faster if you email me.
Selling/Giving Away 3 2 cups
Aneer Large Purple (used) $ Free
Aneer Large Blue (new) $ Free
FemmyCycle Teen (used) $20 via paypal

I'm not charging shipping, so USA only please, unless you'd pay extra for shipping.
Please comment or PM me which ONE you'd like. I'd IDEALLY like to give the FREE ones to someone who has not had a cup before and would like to try one out.

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29th-Jun-2017 06:50 am - Free Lunapad
I ordered the free ($5, actually) Lunapad panty liner sample a while back and have never used it. I do not have the packaging anymore, just thr product. If you would like to try it I can send it to you for free. It's cheaper for me to mail it within US/Canada but if you are international, no worries; whoever replies first is who I will mail it to!
24th-Jun-2017 09:30 pm - Selling Lily Cup!
I have a Lily Cup Size A that I'm selling. I've only used it once, overnight. The stem is uncut, I have boiled it but I will also boil it again before shipping. I'm in the US but don't mind shipping internationally. It'll come with the box, the instructions, the pouch, and of course the cup.

$20 + shipping, but I'm also open to offers and/or trades.

**REGULAR IS SOLD*** I got all 3 sizes to try out but I cant figure out how to use them. Only tried once, Ive had them sitting in the box for a while so I think its time to sell them haha
All 3 are in perfect condition (the picture just shows water some spots but once they're boiled they will look completely clear) , only flaw is the boxes are slightly damaged from moving. Will boil before sending out! $25 for regular $25 for low cervix $25 for teen (you don't have to purchase all 3, you can only get one of course if that's what you want :)


Selling Diva Cup, Model 1. Selling this for $10 + $2 shipping within the US. Please message me for international shipping charges. I accept payment through Paypal.

Tried once, like new condition with stem intact/uncut. I have sterilized the cup. If you want, I will also send you the box with instructions inside, and the brand new pouch.

Any questions please feel free to contact me!

2nd-Jun-2017 07:59 pm - FemmyCycle
Hello cup friends! I am currently in search of a femmy cycle cup to purchase. If you have one you are willing to sell please let me know!

Thanks a bunch!
28th-May-2017 11:18 am - Small Lena Cup for sale
Hello everyone,

I have been searching for my goldilocks cup for a while and now that I have found a couple of cups perfect for me I have the ones that I tried and did not "fit" me for sale.

First, I have a small turquoise Lena cup, which was used just one cycle but I needed a larger one so have not used since.


Its been sterilised and stored since then, and will sterilise once more before shipping.

I have cut off the stem because of my low cervix, and the cup comes in its original pouch.

I am selling the cup for $15 plus shipping to where you are.
Please comment or email me at shalinyj@gmail.com if you have any questions

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