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where is it
Edit: This cup has been sold.

1 small Super Jennie in teal for sale, used twice. I no longer need it—got a Mirena and now my periods are too light to bother with a cup.

Comes with:
- Super Jennie, no modifications
- original pouch

Free shipping within the US

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I have a Me Luna medium classic $15.50 all in
Luv Ur Body cup small $16.50 all in
Organi cup large $16.50 all in
I am shipping from the U.K

Both the Organicup and Luv ur body cup have only used a few times and left in my cup bag in my cup container as they weren't right for me.

All stems are trimmed off and all cups come with their original pouch
I'll consider trading for sckoon,super Jennie and Eva cup. Preferably in the large size.
13th-Mar-2017 06:46 pm - Diva Cup Model 1 (or Smaller SIze)
Hello, I have a Diva Cup smaller size out of two available sizes that I've used only for 2 days. It did not work for me. It has the stem completely, the bag and the box (if you need it). Sterilised. $15, will Ship in the US.

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11th-Mar-2017 01:15 pm - 2 small melunas for sale
2 small melunas. One classic, one sport, both with stems. The sport is still in a sealed pkg while i have tried the classic once. Both come with cleaning brush and pouch. I really like these cups, they just dont work well with my tilted uterus.
I am asking $20 for the sport and $15 for the classic.
6th-Mar-2017 08:36 pm - selling Diva Cup size 1 & 2
Served me well but no longer need them. Want to see them still used since they are perfectly good still.
I have 2 Merula cups in green colour ( apple ) brand new in box
£28 + shipping

2nd-Mar-2017 01:41 pm - Looking for Sckoon or XO-Flo cup
I'm located in Europe, and these cups are pretty costly to order online due to shipping, customs, etc. So if anybody is selling theirs, I would be interested!
27th-Feb-2017 05:04 pm - LENA and Fleurcup for sale!

Hi, everyone!

I have for sale:

1) NEW Lena Large
Price: £24 +P&P
The cup is never used, arrived from USA. Selling without original box.

LENA LargeCollapse )

2) Lena Small
Price: £20 +P&P
The cup is used for two days only. I bought in a different colour for myself, so this one would be happy to have a new owner! Cup is soaked in hydrogen peroxide solution, so looks like new!

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3) Fleurcup Small
£8 +P&P
Used for one day only, unfortunately the cup is too soft for me. The cup is clean (soaked in hydrogen peroxide) and would be happy to have a new owner!

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If you have any questions or offers, please don't hestitate to contact me (send message) or comment!

I've got a purple Lunette Model 2 (large one) for sale. I only used it once, and sterilized in Milton's Sterilising Fluid. Stem is completely trimmed but the cup is still too long for me :(

Free shipping world wide for a £15 Amazon.co.uk gift voucher. Original pouch included!

22nd-Feb-2017 06:31 pm - FemmyCycle
Hello cup friends! I am currently in search of a femmy cycle cup to purchase. If you have one you are willing to sell please let me know!

Thanks a bunch!
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