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menstrual cups sales
child community of menstrual_cups
20th-Jul-2019 04:13 pm - Sckoon, size 1, dark blue
Sckoon, size 1, dark blue
Sckoon, size 1, dark blue

The size is too small. Worn only once. Stem is uncut. Boiled before and after use.

Selling for 20 USD (Paypal) + shipping fee (shipping from the Philippines)

20th-Jul-2019 12:16 am - ISO large Super Jennie
Looking for a large Super Jennie to buy. Unaltered stem. Any color except blue. I'll take clear, teal, pink, etc.

Thanks so much. I live in the United States.
19th-Jul-2019 08:44 am - XO Flo Original ("large")

XO Flo for sale. Original size. Tried a couple of times; not the right cup for me. It's been cleaned with Miltons tablet. Unadulterated. Includes bag and instructions.

$20 (I take paypal). Thanks!

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10th-Jul-2019 04:53 pm - Lena small and selena small
Selling my lena small in pink and my selena small in pink.

Selena cup only tried for less than 30 mins but wasn't the right cup for my body. Comes with original bag and has been boiled.
£15 posted in the UK.
Please ask for international.

Lena cup used for 3 cycles and stem trimmed. Wasn't my goldilocks in the end. Comes with original bag and has been boiled.
£15 posted in the UK
Please ask for international.

9th-Jul-2019 02:22 pm - OrganiCup Size A

I have used it once, but it is too small for me (had to get size B).  

The stem is not trimmed, I only have the carrying pouch that was included, as I threw away the original cardboard package (I thought it would be perfect and wanted to keep it). I boiled and desinfected it after usage.

Specs (from OrganiCup website):
Diameter: 40 mm
Total Height: 65 mm
Capacity: 25 ml
Material: 100% medical grade silicone
Color: Natural (without any color additives)  

Price: £16 (sterling pound) + shipping

Stonesoup Wings Cup - soft green cup. Sold on Amazon and shown on YouTube. Unique stemless cup for those that hate the feel of a stem.

Anytime Cup - similar in shape and size to the Super Jennie cup but firmer than the Super Jennie. High capacity cup. Short ball stem.

Both come with original pouches. Stonesoup cup comes with metal tin.

Both were tried once.

I accept PayPal and can ship out this week.

I've sold cups on here before.
24th-Jun-2019 01:12 pm - reusable disc
Looking for someone selling a reusable menstrual disc - either Lumma Unique Large or Nixit - willing to ship to Canada.


MeLuna classic S in violet, (made without stem) for $15 CAD / ~ $11 USD FREE shipping (fits in an envelope)

 Lena small in pink (stem intact) for $20 CAD / ~ $15 USD + shipping

 Both cups are in original packaging with bags etc, Lena is opened but unused. I tried the squish test and decided the firmness wasn't for me. 

Shipping to Canada and US, PayPal only for payment.

16th-Jun-2019 09:26 pm - Never used Mooncup for sale
I am selling my Mooncup because after purchasing it, I realised that I have a low to very low cervix; therefore this cup it is not the right size for me.
I have never used it as I couldn’t insert it (obviously never used while on my period).
The cup is size B, meant for women under 30 who hasn’t given birth.
The cup it is sterilised and it is in its original package that includes the cup, a cotton bag and instructions.

Reminder: Not suitable for low cervix.

Selling at £20 (sterling pound) + shipping.

For more information regarding the cup visit:




15th-Jun-2019 04:39 pm - For Sale - Lunette 1 and 2

New, unused Lunette Model 1 and 2 in the old packaging. I bought these a few years back hoping to gift them to a friend, but never did. 

$25 each including shipping within the US. Paypal only.

or $40 for both shipped within the US.

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