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menstrual cups sales
child community of menstrual_cups
16th-Sep-2019 06:07 pm - Lily Cup Size A in packaging
$20 (shipping included if you're located in Ontario. message me to calculate shipping price if you live elsewhere.)

I got this to try because I loved the cute shape but the Diva Cup fits me better 😁 It's been used less than a handful of times, and has been boiled and sanitized.

Hi there, I have 3 menstrual cups that have been disinfected (boiled) and then stored in a clean, dry place. I hope someone out there would be able to use these.

1- MeLuna - Small - Soft - Clear with glitter - The stem has been trimmed off
It was used only few times, and has been disinfected. It does have a slight yellowish discoloration. Disinfected and stored carefully. $10

2- DivaCup - Size 1 - The stem has been trimmed off
Has been used a couple dozen times. Disinfected and stored carefully. Comes with original pouch. $5

3- Lunette - Model 1 - "Blue Selene" - The stem has been trimmed off
Used for about 2 years. Original color is gone and the silicone looks "stained"... it's not winning any beauty contests, but it would definitely still work just fine. Disinfected and stored carefully. Comes with original pouch. Please make an offer.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
3rd-Sep-2019 03:39 pm - Merula Ice Clear menstrual cup
Merula Ice clear menstrual cup, in good condition. The stem has however been cut to the last ladder. It includes the original pouch, packaging (box) and paper instructions.

It was used for a few cycles, and was boiled between each one. It didn't end up working for my body. I hope it can find a new loving home.
Price: 15€ + shipping costs. Sending from EU.

21st-Aug-2019 12:32 pm - Mooncups size A and B
The classic Mooncups, made in the UK. Size A (the larger one) was worn once, too big for me. Size B was tried for one cycle. Both have had stems trimmed and have been boiled, have been sitting in their bags for a while. £12 to UK or €14

to Europe (that includes postage). Other countries please ask. Paypal or bank transfer.
Selling Lily Cup Compact Size A and First Greener Menstrual Cup Size Small. The Lily Cup was too painful for me and I used it for three cycles and I have boiled it and included the case as well. I never ended up using the First Greener cup either so I'm selling that as well. Please contact me at chandanak97@yahoo.com if interested. $20 + shipping for the Lily Cup Compact and $20 + shipping for the First Greener cup. PayPal only please, this is shipping from the U.S. Thanks ladies!

14th-Aug-2019 06:44 pm - Selling Small Saalt Soft & Firm
•Saalt Soft used only for 5 hours. The stem has been cut.
•Blue Saalt Firm never used. The stem has been cut.

Boiled and will boil again before shipping.
Each $25, duo $40 Shipping to U.S. only. PayPal only.

Email: lauracolon7@outlook.com

31st-Jul-2019 10:24 am - Diva Cup (model 1)

Never fully inserted. Boiled.  With original bag. Still has full stem. Is ~1 year old but unused, has been sitting in its bag. $15 + shipping (from US)

Cup and carrying bag.
Cup and carrying bag.

35$ CAD (includes shipping to Canada+USA).
Made in France, bought in June 2019. Used once, sterelized. Size large. Comes with a sterelization container, a storage white pouch, and the instructions booklet.

20th-Jul-2019 04:13 pm - Sckoon, size 1, dark blue
Sckoon, size 1, dark blue
Sckoon, size 1, dark blue

The size is too small. Worn only once. Stem is uncut. Boiled before and after use.

Selling for 20 USD (Paypal) + shipping fee (shipping from the Philippines)

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