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menstrual cups sales
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29th-Sep-2018 03:31 pm - Small Lena Cup For Sale

I'm selling a small (under 25, before childbirth) gently used pink Lena cup.  I bought the pair together (large and small) last year (2017), because I didn't know which size I needed.  They came in the same box (please see pics).  I ended up needing the large size and only used the small size once or twice to rule it out.  It comes with the polka dot cotton storage bag (please see pics).  $20.00.  The cup is in perfect condition.  The cup has been disinfected.  

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27th-Aug-2018 10:53 am - Lelo luna beads - $25

Hi, I'm selling some luna beads. I used the one pink one with the retraction leash once, and didn't really like it. Everything else (all other beads, silicone retainer) is unused. $25 incl. shipping to USA. If you're interested and not in the USA please contact me and we can work out shipping.

I know that this isn't a menstrual cup sale so please let me know if you'd like me to remove this post. I wasn't quite sure where to post this.  I got my very first menstrual cup here on  livejournal about 8 years ago! 

I'm selling a Lunette size 2 (for women over 25 or after birth), not used, just opened. I'm selling it because I bought the wrong size. Comes in a box with a little storing pouch and instructions. 15€. I'd love to get rid of it so that it has a use and isn't an unnecessary waste. From Slovakia.

Fun Cup Explorer Pack by Fun Factory

These cups are *brand new*  $40 includes shipping within USA & will come with box & included storage pouch.
Set is one of each size, the Pink is small/A  & the Blue is large/B

I could split them up if you just want one  $20 includes US shipping.

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26th-Jul-2018 09:55 pm - FemmyCycle Low Cervix $30

FemmyCycle Low cervix for sale. Tried for three cycles and didn't work out for my anatomy. Unaltered from disease and smoke-free home. Comes with original pouch.

$30, shipping included, on PayPal. USA only

Willing to trade for a large Fleurcup!!!!

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I have a Keeper Moon Cup that's been stored away under my bathroom sink for a few years. I figured that I should sell it now to someone who needs it.

The cup is size B, was purchased in 2013, and was used for only three or four cycles before I realized it wasn't the right fit for me (I have a Diva Cup that I've been using for five years now). The stem has been trimmed slightly; otherwise, the cup is in good condition.

Offering price is $20; I would like payment done via PayPal. I will disinfect the cup before mailing it out. It will come shipped with its bag in its original box. I will ship only within the US.

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Hi there, I recently moved and found that I *still* have 3 menstrual cups, even though I have not had my period for a couple years now. oops! All are a bit older (5-8 years) but were stored after being disinfected in a clean, dry place. I hope someone out there would be able to use these.

1- MeLuna - Small - Soft - Clear with glitter - The stem has been trimmed off
(~6 years old) It was used only few times, and has been disinfected. It does have a slight yellowish discoloration. Disinfected and stored for the past 5 years. $20

2- DivaCup - Size 1 - The stem has been trimmed off
(~8 years old) Has been used a couple dozen times. Disinfected and stored for the past 6 years. Comes with original pouch. $15

3- Lunette - Model 1 - "Blue Selene" - The stem has been trimmed off
(~5 years old) This was used for about 2 years. Originally color is gone and the silicone looks "stained"... it's not winning any beauty contests, but it would definitely still work just fine. Disinfected and stored for 3 years. Please make an offer.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Clean but old and used 12 year old original first generation MoonCup for sale £10 plus worldwide shipping

I received this cup from a friend over 10 years ago and really tried to get on with it over the years but have since found out that it was a very 'firm' design. Well you can say that again - when it 'pops' yowzah! I switched to natural sponges a year ago and the mooncup has been cleaned and put away since then but I have just been given a TOTM cup so might give cups another go now the trauma of removal and insertion has faded...

Phew TMI!

Anyway back to the mooncup, it is made from medical grade silicon which does not harbour bugs and has been sterilised with milton tablets, has not been used for a year and I have NO infections *ahem* (of any kind). I don't know how much (if any) interest this will generate so I will take pictures upon request for anyone who asks. The cup is very yellowed but perfectly serviceable if you have better muscle tone than me, couldn't feel it at all once correctly positioned and you won't have any trouble with it not opening that's for sure.

Comes with a cotton bag... cos that will sell it to you(!)
13th-Aug-2018 09:39 am - MeLuna Small Classic Black Cup

This is a lightly used small Meluna black cup. The stem has been trimmed, i’ll update the picture soon. It is classic softness and classic hight. Comes with the bag. This is a great beginner cup, easy to use. $15 includes shipping in the US.

I am  selling a barely used Classic Lily  Small/Size A. It is unfortunately too long for me — I could not use it. However, I still believe the quality of the cup is a great! The stem is still intact (pictured below) and has been sanitized two ways — by boiling and by milton tablet.  $26 (shipping and handling included; USA only). You will receive the instruction manual, the cup, and the antimicrobial pouch.  Transaction through PayPal. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

TLDR:  Classic A Lily Cup w/Stem, Barely Used, $26 (including shipping & handling)

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