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menstrual cups sales
child community of menstrual_cups
Recent Entries 

ziggy — $30+shipping — worn half a day on a dry run, silicone carrying case

xo flo mini — $20+shipping — worn four days over two cycles, stem slightly trimmed

lena sensitive large — $20+shipping — worn four days over two cycles, stem completely trimmed

tieut large — $22+shipping — worn two days in one cycle, stem partially trimmed, collapsable carrying/cleaning case

cups and silicone cases boiled.  cloth bags not boiled.  :)

paypal only, us-based

Two menstrual cups for sale. Each has been used a few times. Each has been cleaned and sanitized. 

$20 USD each. Shipping included for USA. Payment via Paypal.

MeLuna Sapphire Shorty—Size Small—Classic firmness with ball stem. 

MeLuna Sapphire Shorty—Size Small—Sport firmness with ball stem.

MeLuna Shorty size small menstrual cups—Classic on left and Sport on right.
MeLuna Shorty size small menstrual cups—Classic on left and Sport on right.

11th-May-2019 01:59 pm - Aiwo Size M

Pink Aiwo cup size M with a discharge valve — $5 plus shipping

The valve is a pretty nice feature. Used the cup for a couple days but it was just a little too long for me (stem is hollow so I couldn't trim it)

It will be sterilized before shipping and shipped in the original packaging. 

US-based. Payment via PayPal. 

10th-May-2019 07:47 pm - Lunette Size 1

I have a pink lunette size 1 for $20 plus shipping.
Used only once during a dry run and the stem is removed.

It will sterilized before being shipped in the original packaging and pouch.
US based, Paypal only.

Diva cup, model 2. Like new, used a few times only.
Clear with purple pouch (see first two pics)

I also have a clear "no name" menstrual cup, its pink and is similar in shape to the LENA small menstral cup (see last pic). I received when I bought some reusable pads and have never used it. I'll include it for the buyer (unless you don't want it.)

USD$20 including shipping in US and Canada.
Payment via Paypal.

30th-Apr-2019 09:38 pm - 2 OrganiCups size A

I am selling two menstrual cups by OrganiCup. Both are size A and white colored.

— 1. cup has been used a few times but did not work for me because it is too soft. The stem is intact and I boiled and disinfected it after use ~ 5€ plus shipping (from Germany)

— 2. cup has never been used and is still originally packaged~ 12€ plus shipping 

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20th-Apr-2019 11:31 pm - Both cups have been sold!
Ziggy Cup SOLD $15 Free US shipping - Ziggy Cup - only used once on a dry run. Super soft and unique carrying case. Ziggy Cup SOLD

Lali Cup SOLD$15 Free US shipping - Large Lali Cup (Clear) - gently used. Bought brand new. One owner cup. High capacity cup. Holds 41.3 ml! Stem fully intact. Lali Cup SOLD

For more information about either of these cups, please visit the following websites:

Ziggy Cup: https://www.intimina.com/ziggy-cup

Lali Cup: https://lalicup.com/trgovina/lalicup-model-l/

I've sold many cups on this site before. Thanks!
11th-Apr-2019 07:41 pm - Shorty medium Me Luna Sport
Like new.

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I tried this for maybe an hour, my crevix apparently raises the last days of cycle so it is too short with the ball tip.
Disinfected and stored for a month, and will boil before shipping.

$25 includes US shipping. International will have to pay for shipping.

1st-Apr-2019 03:23 pm - lena cups
Lena small sensitive 10$
transparent with light blue bag
used few times / stem intact

Lena small   [15$]  NEVER USED
green blue + colorful bag

Price included free shipping in US (shipping from SF Bay Area)
shipping outside of US has to be paid seperately
20th-Mar-2019 06:40 am - ISO Merula Xl
If you have a merula xl with at least one ladder rung, please send me a PayPal Invoice, price and pics. Thanks in advance misseskdm at Hotmail com
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