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menstrual cups sales
child community of menstrual_cups
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11th-Apr-2019 07:41 pm - Shorty medium Me Luna Sport
Like new.

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I tried this for maybe an hour, my crevix apparently raises the last days of cycle so it is too short with the ball tip.
Disinfected and stored for a month, and will boil before shipping.

$25 includes US shipping. International will have to pay for shipping.

1st-Apr-2019 03:23 pm - lena cups
Lena small sensitive 10$
transparent with light blue bag
used few times / stem intact

Lena small   [15$]  NEVER USED
green blue + colorful bag

Price included free shipping in US (shipping from SF Bay Area)
shipping outside of US has to be paid seperately
20th-Mar-2019 06:40 am - ISO Merula Xl
If you have a merula xl with at least one ladder rung, please send me a PayPal Invoice, price and pics. Thanks in advance misseskdm at Hotmail com
Both cups have been sold!! $15 each including free shipping within the US.

Thanks! I've sold cups here before.

You can pm me here or contact me at tkhammontree@yahoo.com.

For more information, visit SuperJennie's website: https://www.superjennie.com/

- Lena Small in purple. Full stem intact. Original pouch included. $15CAD plus shipping
- Diva Cup Model 1. Full stem intact. Original pouch included. $20CAD plus shipping
- Yuuki Soft Size 2 (Large). -NEVER USED- Full stem intact. No pouch or container included. $15CAD plus shipping
- Lily Cup Size A. Full stem intact. Original pouch included. $25CAD plus shipping


- All 4 cups for $55CAD, shipping included if you're in Canada or the U.S.

All cups have been washed with soap & water and boiled, and ships from BC, Canada. Aside from the Yuuki which I have never used (not even on a dry run), the cups have only been used a few times.
Payment is by PayPal only.

^ Lena small

^ Diva Cup Model 1

^ Diva Cup Model 1

^ Yuuki Soft Size 2

^ Lily Cup Size A

^ All 4 cups
For sale: SckoonCup size Small/1/A in Purple Zen. Used less than one cycle, since it didn't fit. Stem still in tact. Cleaned and sanitized after use. Comes with holding pouch. $18

Also have Size Large/2/B in Harmony color. Used more often and stem cut off. Cleaned and sanitized after the last usage. Also comes with holding pouch. $15

$5 shipping fee for one/both. Shipping from Virginia.

18th-Feb-2019 12:46 pm - For Sale: Lena small in pink

Selling a Lena small in pink.  It is in good condition, has full stem and I have the original bag (white with pink and yellow polka dots).  I also have a different Lena bag (blue/green color swatches) if you prefer that one.  

Looking to sell for $20 USD including shipping or $18 USD + shipping outside of the US.

Unaltered Lena small in pink with original pouch
Unaltered Lena small in pink with original pouch
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air raid horn
I've got 2 large ladycups for sale, both with the stems removed. They've served me well, but I had to have a hysterectomy last year, so they're just not all that useful to me these days. :)

I always wore them inside-out, since I can't deal with any feeling of a stem poking me. This worked well, but all of the flipping back and forth did cause some of the holes to develop tears (in pics below the cut.) The tears never affected the cups' functionality, though.

  • 1 is in Guava. 2 of the holes at the top have developed rips, but they're pretty small. $15 US OBO

  • 1 is a LilacCup, though it's old enough that the color has dulled a bit. 5 of the 6 holes have rips, and 2 are somewhat significant. (The rips have been pretty stable after they first showed up, but I know that this is likely where the cup'll fail, which is why it's cheaper.) $7.50 US OBO

Mailing from FL, USA; shipping will be $5 in the US. I'm happy to ship internationally, too - just let me know where and I'll calculate the price.

Freebies: I've also got some used cloth pads that I'm happy to throw in as well - just let me know if you'd like any of them. (1 overnight, 4 'regular' length, 3 'pantyliner' length.)

If interested, or if you've got questions, please email me at shipman.alice@gmail.com - I'm not on LJ a lot, so this is def. a faster way than commenting on the post here.

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All - click to embiggen

Guava cup:
Guava cup

Rips in holes close-up:
Guava cup rips


Rips in holes close-up (biggest):
rip in LilacCup hole from the outside

Hole close-up (biggest + one closest to rim):
rips in LilacCup holes from inside

14th-Feb-2019 11:55 pm - New Diva Cup For Sale

Diva Cup Model 0- $25
I have a Diva Cup Model 0 (New teen size) that I never used. I bought it because I was excited about the new size, but the "new toy" effect wore off before my period came and I remembered that I'm already perfectly happy with my Yuuki. (Plus, I think it'd be too long for me.) I boiled it once with the intention of using it, but yeah, I never did. I threw out the packaging, but it comes with the original pouch, and the stem and holes are completely unaltered. I'm asking $25 (this includes shipping) via PayPal.

Blue Lunette Model 2- $18  (SOLD)
This is a gently used cup I purchased here on mc-sales; the seller said they only used it once on a dry run and I never used it once. Also, I found out later that the Yuuki Soft was my Goldilocks, so I really have no use for it, and it's just been sitting in my house for a year. I've boiled this cup once or twice but never used it. Stem and holes are completely unaltered. This cup is a beautiful translucent blue (no discoloration I can see, and I've stared at this cup a lot), and it comes in a matching blue Lunette pouch. I'm asking $18 (this includes shipping) via PayPal.

Each cup will be washed with mild soap and boiled before being sent out (unless you ask me not to).

I can only ship to the continental US, sorry.
EDIT: If you're in the NYC area, I can also meet you in a public place and you can pay in cash.

24th-Jan-2019 11:49 am - SOLD! Merula cup for sale
Merula cup One-size version. Used once and then sanitized. No alterations made to stems. Green apple color. Comes with original storage pouch and box. Originally paid $44.99, but offering for $24.99 with free shipping to USA.
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