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menstrual cups sales
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14th-Jun-2018 05:03 pm - Cups for Sale!

I have multiple cups for sale that I tried out briefly in order to find one that worked for me.  All have been used a handful of times, none for longer than one cycle.  

Feel free to ask any questions, prices are negotiable.  Buyer pays shipping.  PayPal only.

Email caseylovergurl@gmail.com for more info/to purchase.

*SOLD* Yuuki Cup Small (Soft) with green sterilization cup 15$

Yuuki Cup Large (Soft), stem slightly trimmed 10$

FemmyCycle Regular $25

*SOLD* FemmyCycle Low Cervix $25

FemmyCycle Teen $25

Juju Cup Original Size 2 25$

*SOLD* JuJu Cup Original Size 1 25$

*SOLD* OrganiCup Size A (stem half trimmed) 15$

All come with a cup bag/pouch, none have boxes.

7th-Jun-2018 12:38 pm - Free Femmecup, used
I have a Femmecup that I used for just one cycle, and found that I preferred another brand so have not been used since. Its been washed and sterilised, and has been stored for the past six months or so. Femmecup comes in one regular size and I still have the pouch it came with. I had cut off the stem as it was too long for me.

I am giving it away for free since I am perfectly happy with my Super Jennie and unlikely to use another cup.

Comment or email shalinyj@gmail.com and I will post it to you on regular post. I am in New Zealand so might take a couple of weeks to send to the States. So please let me know if anyone is interested.

5th-Jun-2018 03:17 pm - Small Yuuki classic for sale

I am selling a small Yuuki classic cup for $15 plus shipping (I live in the US). The cup has been washed with soap and boiled. It has only been worn for fitting.

Comes with plastic pink infuser box for storage or boiling (in microwave), and instructions.

1st-Jun-2018 08:32 pm - European MeLuna cups for sale

This is my first post here so I'm hoping it shows up as it should.

I've got 2 European store MeLuna cups for sale
•classic red medium with ring stem (worn one day)
•sport blue-violet (super gorgeous color, the image doesn't do it justice) medium with ring stem (worn less than 30 minutes)

Asking $25 Canadian each plus shipping, or $40 for both plus shipping. Will ship anywhere-cost should be relatively low as they can easily fit inside a bubble envelope.

Both cups
-have been washed with soap and boiled
-will come in their satin storage pouch
as well as original packaging and

The sport one was too firm for me and caused me so much discomfort I had to take it out after half an hour.

The classic cup worked well for me but I'm not a fan of the color so I'd like to get a different one for myself

I've purchased both cups on May 3rd 2018 and received them on the 23rd I believe

I am located in Canada (alberta). Will ship anywhere

1st-Jun-2018 01:29 pm - Femmycycle low cervix for sale
Brand new unopened USD40.
Ordered one low cervix and regular. But regular fits well so decided to sell low cervix.

Asia only.
18th-May-2018 01:38 am - ISO: Merula cup
I live in the US and I've become interested in the merula cup because I think it would be great for my low cervix. I perferably want the midnight black one but I'll take any color I can get!


I have the following 2 cups available:

1.  Model 1, Coral, uncut, no staining.  This cup got maybe 18 months use but only about half to 2/3  time after I ordered the second cup.

2. Model 2, Blue, uncut, no staining.  This cup got about 14 months use but probably only about a 1/3 - half of the time.

It looks like I only have one set of instructions though so please state if you need them.  Lunette does have good documentation on their site.

There is also a box of 9 wipes available.

Both cups were sterilized by boiling, then with hydrogen peroxide in Jan of last year when they were no longer needed.  I could do both again prior to shipping.  They have sat in their bags since then.

$15usd plus actual shipping for each cup and the wipes will go to the first person I ship to unless they don't want them - then I will ship them with the second cup.  The wipes will possibly raise the shipping cost but probably less so to ship without the box.  (or a single cup can also be flattened to fit in the box.)  Cups are in AB, Canada and shipping out of Canada may be prohibitive but I am willing to do so if needed.

I have a paypal account to facilitate this.

I will try to monitor for responses, etc. but please be patient - I am new to LiveJournal so I'm still feeling my way around here.
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10th-May-2018 09:04 am - Lily Cup Compact for Sale
Lily Cup Compact Size A - $30 (shipping included)

I got this cup after hearing so much about it. It's just not for me - the suction on the rim is too much. I've only used it once. It has been sterilized. The package will include both the cup and the travel case in the original box. I only accept payments through the cash app and can only ship inside the US. PM me at mostlyontheinternet@gmail.com if you're interested!

3rd-May-2018 12:23 pm - Saalt Cups for Sale! Trade?

New, unused, Saalt Small (pink) & Saalt Regular (blue).

Comes in a duo pack, original display packaging and pamphlets. No pouches included.

I will consider breaking up the set if you only want one size.

Cups will go to the highest offer! I’m also open to trades. I’m looking for a Merula or Fun Cup, but let me know what you have!
PM me: Rachel.martin.c21@outlook.com

I prefer cash app, but I also have PayPal.
30th-Apr-2018 08:25 pm - XOflo for sale $20 usa

I have an XOflo for sale $20.  It is missing the last ball and section on the tail.  Sterilized with Miltons.

I can ship it with an item from my etsy shop ciaoroan.etsy.com for no extra shipping cost.

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