luvmycup (luvmycup) wrote in mc_sales,

Cups for sale!

I've got a few cups that just don't work for me:

- Large Lunette Selene : Bought about a year ago, but only used twice. Just too hard for me. $18 (SOLD)
- Large Purple Meluna Classic, regular stem: Also bought a year ago, but too stiff as well. Never used, just boiled. $14 (SOLD)
- Small Diva : Just too long for me :(. Tried to use once, but it just doesn't fit. About 1-2 cm has been trimmed off the stem. $18

All of the cups come with their original bags. The cups have been boiled. I live in Taiwan, and I will send them to you in a padded envelope with tracking. I'll take care of the shipping costs. Thanks for looking. Pics inside the thread.
Tags: diva, lunette, meluna
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