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menstrual cups sales
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Unopened Lunéale - 31 ml - unique stemless bottom 
5th-Dec-2016 09:55 am
Only available so far in pharmacies in France. Transparent, glossy silicone.

Its unique feature is the "Moonpad", a bottom redesigned to be easier to pinch and release suction. Soft, "squishy" silicone. For comparison, softer than the large Fleur, similar to the Gaiacup.

Dimensions 47x52.

Paid €25, hoping for €20 incl. shipping to France. $30 incl. shipping to States or Canada. I can look into shipping elsewhere.

It is brand new and unopened.

3rd-Feb-2017 05:47 pm (UTC) - Lunéale
Hi :)

Is there any chance that you would have the smallest size as well ? Im in Uk .
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