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menstrual cups sales

child community of menstrual_cups

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Menstrual cups sales
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Sales, discounts and ads for menstrual cups

Basic info

Looking to buy, sell, give or trade a menstrual cup? Want to advertise your etsy cup storage pouches? Want to set up a group order from a shop that doesn't ship to your country? Got some coupons or affiliation codes to post? This is the place!

This community is an offshoot of menstrual_cups, and any ad-type posts there will be deleted and redirected here. menstrual_cups is still the place to go for general info and discussion about cups. For clarifications on what goes where, see this post.

Additionally, all the conduct rules of menstrual_cups apply here, including the rules about gender-neutral language. Please see this post for why this is important.

You must join this community in order to post and comment. You can also add the community to your friends list.

This community is currently run by scien and tisiphone.

The rules

Buying and selling is done at your own risk. We only provide a forum, we don't vet posts or sellers. Please take all sensible precautions.

Yes, we allow buying and selling of used cups. Posts about safety and cleaning methods are permitted, but rudeness about this is not.

Posts from commercial sellers are (currently) welcome. However, please keep the volume reasonable. If you're not sure what counts as reasonable, err on the side of caution, and ask a mod.

As ever: No rudeness, no trolling. If there is a problem contact the mods rather than getting into a flamewar.

Posting and tagging conventions

Keep posts readable for everyone. Please don't change your font colour or size. This will ensure that when other people view your post on their friends page it stays legible.

Photos and images: If you are including photos or images in your post, please put them behind an LJ cut.

Keep posts up to date: Edit your post to reflect that your cup has been successfully sold/sourced/etc so that people know. If you're offering multiple cups, be clear about which ones are available. Don't delete posts, they're a useful record for people to know what goes on in this community.

Be clear on where you can ship: This community has an international membership. If you're only able to ship to certain areas, it's helpful if you say so in your post.

Contact the mods

To contact the mods, please use this post.

If you need to contact the mods anonymously, you can use mc_moderators. If at all possible we would prefer you to use the mod post here though, as the lists of mods may diverge in the future.

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